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Somatic Experiencing is a type of therapy that can help heal, manage or reduce symptoms of PTSD, trauma, anxiety and other problems related mental and physical health.

Somatic means “relating to the body, especially distinct from the mind”.

Somatic Experiencing

I have been studying Somatic Experiencing for a couple of years and Peter Levine mentions shaking/tingling when released from trauma. This uncontrollable shaking or tingling helps reset the nervous system and helps restore the psyche to wholeness (2010). The idea of this SE technique is to activate and deactivate the autonomic nervous system and keep it balanced and not over stimulate the individual.

Addiction Disease or What?

I went to an addictions seminar several years ago and the guest speaker was Gabor Mate. His theory on addiction is explained in his book “In the Realm of the Hungry Ghost: Close Encounters with Addiction” In his book he introduces the idea that addiction is not a disease or a primary disorder. He suggests that people who have been traumatized significantly are pre-disposed to addiction and ADHD.

Healed? Recovered? Cured?

Wow! The thought of experiencing these possibilities. I like to put them in a perspective that helps me distinguish between the mental/emotional, spiritual, and the physical realms. It seems all three are inter-related and if we allow ourselves to listen as we engage in the full human experience anything is possible.

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