Healed? Recovered? Cured?

Wow! The thought of experiencing these possibilities. I like to put them in a perspective that helps me distinguish between the mental/emotional, spiritual, and the physical realms. It seems all three are inter-related and if we allow ourselves to listen as we engage in the full human experience anything is possible. 

What am I talking about? I look at healing from a spiritual perspective. The word “healed” draws me to look into the spiritual realm. Recovered is something people with addictions and or other mental/physical problems talk about.  I use that term “recovered” for tough emotional and/or mental health experience we endured and no longer struggle with. Cured means the ailment or disease is gone or in remission and possibly suggests the physical realm. These are just my examples; but I believe people do recover, they can be healed, and certainly in many cases cured. Not everyone is blessed with these experiences but as humans we must strive forward, experience life and understand that good health has a lot to do with movement in these three arenas’.  

Physically, spiritually, and mentally alert is something I strive for my-self and my clients to achieve. Being alert in all three arenas empowers us thrive as humans. 

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