New Year and Change

Somatic Experiencing is a type of therapy that can help heal, manage or reduce symptoms of PTSD, trauma, anxiety and other problems related mental and physical health.

Somatic means “relating to the body, especially distinct from the mind”.

Here is an idea: maybe it is not a mental health issue - maybe it is a physical issue. For example; an environment or abuse that was abrasive on the individual’s central nervous system.

Can people change their lives? Can we manage symptoms of anxiety, distress, depression, ADHD, addiction, or get motivated to accomplish hopes and dreams?

Yes, yes, and yes. If you struggle with any of the above disorders think about all the energy expended on the distress you have experienced related to these problems. Maybe you can understand it is not your fault that you have had these struggles. Maybe there is a possibility of converting that negative distress into positive energy. I would love to help it become a reality if you are willing to do some work with accountability.

Wow! What a year 2016 was. Lot of hardship, but lot of accomplishments. My private practice as a therapist started this year (specializing in trauma), resigning from a clinical supervisor position in a community agency that I love. Studying Somatic experiencing I want to keep my body, mind and spiritual life running in good order.

When I engage in running I tend to reflect, meditate and listen to my body. Running/jogging helps me cope, feel, reason and dream. It has been outward expression of an inward journey that I have had for many years in my spiritual, physical, and emotional life. I will have 30 years of sobriety at the end of January, made it from an 8th grade dropout to a master’s level clinician. So much over 30 years it would be hard to capture everything but the point is slow, disciplined, and persistent change brings huge results over time!

2015 I did a minimum of a mile every day with two marathons and a grand total of 1200 miles for the year. 2016 I did two miles every day minimum, two marathons again with a grand total of 1619.7 miles for the year. I have hopes and dreams of doing three marathons and a minimum of three miles per day totaling 2000 miles for 2017 God willing. I will listen to my body and push it to the limit guarding against injury as my journey continues. Don’t know if I will make it. What I do know is I will try and anything is possible when I trust God, listen to mind, body, spirit, and ask for help when I need it, and offer help just because.

People who have deep hurt and pain can rebound from life’s struggles and learn to excel. It may not be easy but with courage and help you can experience the journey you are meant to be on. Live life to the fullest and enjoy the ride-anything is possible.

Happy New Year may 2017 be a journey to good health and happiness!

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